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Kamran Saab (G.S) Islamic Education Trust And His Grand Father Quaid-i-Taleem Qureshi Saab

Mrs. Mumtaz Q. Muzakkir Hussain Co-Founder Of Islamic Education Trust D/o Late Mr. A. M. Qureshi.

Quaid-i-Taleem Qureshi Saab With Jinnah & Others.

Quaid-i-Taleem Qureshi Sahab With Liaqat Ali Khan & Others

Quaid-i-Taleem Qureshi Sahab With Field Marshal Mohammad Ayub Khan

Islamia College Complex Karachi Pakistan.

Quaid-I-Taleem Late Mr. A. M. Qureshi Founder of lslamia College, Karachi, Pakistan. and Other Seventeen Educational Institutions under The Islamic Education Trust (Regd.) In 1958.

The partition of India resulted in mass murders of Muslims in minority Provinces forcing them to leave their ancestoral homes and flee to Pakistan due to their loyality to Islam. Karach former capital of Pakistan, became the centre of migration, bringing millions of refugees to this city including the students community. The Government was faced with so many problems and it was not in a position to arrange for the education of thousands of students who were running from pillar to post without getting admission any where due to the exadus of the non-muslim teachers and resulting closure of nearly all the institutions of Karachi.

The situation had became so acute that an immediate effort by some public spirited citizens of Karachi, to provide education worthly of a newly born state had to be directed to this situation.

Mr. A. M. Qureshi was also well aware of the fact that Pakistan cannot have a place of respect among the nations of the world if its citizens are not given balanced education of Primery, Secondary, Arts, Science, Commerce, Law and Religion. So he prepared a comprehensive plan for the educatianal rehabilitation of coming muslim students.

The responsibility of executing this plan developed on the shoulders of one, who had not inherited the light of regular education.

It was M r. A. M. Qureshi who inspite of his meagre means took the initiative of educating the young refugee students in order to save them from utter frustration. He therefore organised the Islamic Education Society on 1.1. 1948, with the object to impart education under its auspices, right from Nursary and K.G. upto M.A. A number of schools and colleges were therefore opened by him under the banner of the Society.

His efforts met with unprecedented success is evident from the following table, which shows the number of students getting education in the institutes of the society in one academic year.

TABLE Sr. No. Name of college/school No. of students

1 Islamia CoIlege of Commerce. 4,500
2 Islamia College of Arts at M.A. Jinnah Road. 3,500
3 Islamia College of Science. 3,000
4 Islamia College of Law 1,500
5 Islamia CoIlege Evening Arts, M. A. Jinnah Road. 2,000
6 Islamia CoIlege Evening, Nazimabad. 1,000
7 Islamia College Evening, Clayton Road. 2,000
8 Islamia Degree College for Women, Guru Mandir. 2,000
9 Islamia Intermediate College for Girls, Nazimabad.1,000
10 Qureshi Night CoIlege, Saddar. 1,000
11 Marie Colaco High School, Saddar. 3,000
12 Qureshi High School, M.A. Jinnah Road. 3,500
13 Marie Colaco School, Primary & Nursery, Nazimabad.1,000
14 0riental College, M.A. Jinnah Road. 1,000
15 Marie Colaco Secondary School, Nazimabad. 1,000
16 Marie Colaco School, Primary & Nursery, Saddar. 1,000
17 Qureshi Infant Centre, P.E.C.H.S. 300
18 Islamia CoIlege of International languages and M.A. Classes. 300

Total Students were on Rolls :- 31,000

More than 200,000 students, M.As, M.Scs, B.As, B.Scs., M.Coms., S.Coms., and LL.Bs were produced within Twentyfive years from 1948 to 1972.

It becomes clear from the above facts that the energies and efforts of the founder Mr. A.M. Qureshi were devoted and fo entirely for the cause af education. He has already spent not less than 50 milIion rupees for the advancement of education on the Institutions, constructed and supervised by him and produced best results in alI his Institutions.

Now these students are working in the Provincial Govts. & Govt. of Pakistan Government Departments, Private enterprises and also outside Pakistan throughout the world.

POLlTICAL CAREER OF Mr. A. M. Qureshi (ln 1942) Started as a humble Muslim League Worker. (In 1943) Elected a Member of CounsiI of Sind Provincial Muslim League as he had rendered selfless service to the cause of the league and had provided free transport to the leaders of the Muslim League from Sind and other parts of India. (In 1945) A member of the Election Cammittee for General Elections to the Sind Provincial Assembly (Muslim League Party supplied free transport). (In 1946) (a) Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah came to Karachi and granted audience to Mr. Ghulam Hussain Hidaytullah, Chief Minister Sind. Mr. Yousuf Haroon, President, Sind Provincial Muslim League, Mr. Mohamrnad Ayub Khoro, Minister, Sind Province and Mr. A. M. Qureshi. He explained before this select, gathering that the demand for Pakistan was not accetable to the British Government since the Muslim League did not command majority in the Provincial Assemblies of the Punjab, NWFP, Sind and Bengal. As a matter of fact G. M. Sayed's party had a total of 9 Muslim Members in Sind Assembly after 1945 election and had subsequently crossed the floor and joined hands with the Congress. But the Governor Sir Francis Modi was of the opinion that the Muslim League was in a position to defeat Sayed and his party if the assembly is dissolved. Mr. Yousuf Haroon and Mr. Qureshi requested the Quaid-e-Azarn to advise the Governor that the assembly may be dissolved and re-elections ordered. They promised to organise and fight the elections and assured Quaid-e Azam of Sayed's defeat in 1946 re-elections. (b) Mr. A. M. Qureshi was appointed a Member of the Muslim League Election Committee by the Quaid-e-Azam. Mr. Qureshi provided free transport to the Muslim League candidates throughout the Sind Province and the Muslim League emerged victorious winning 35 seats in the election. Thus Sind Assembly was the First Provincial Legislature to confirm the issue of Pakistan. (c) Mr. A.. M. Qureshi elected as Member of Provincial Parliamentary Board of Sind Provincial Muslim League for a period of three years. (d) Mr. A. M. Qureshi was appointed incharge of Rehabilitation by Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali jinnah for the Behari Refugees who had to migrate to Sind as a resuIt of mass masacres of the Muslims by Hindues of Behar (India). (e) In September 1946, Mr. A. M. Qureshi was elected Member of All India Muslim League Couricil. (In 1947) (a) On June 9th Mr. Qureshi attended the meeting of All India Muslim League Council at Imperial Hotel Delhi where Khaksar's had thrown a hand grenade on the Muslim League Council function, A. M. Qureshi jumped and covered the dais where the Quaid-e-Azam was in the chair. (b) After the establishment of Pakistan, communal disturbances burst out in Delhi. Muslims had to take refuge in the oId Fort Camp. Mr. A. M. Qureshi used to supply 3 to 4 thousands mounds of food by air daily as per instructions of Liaquat Ali Khan, Prime M inister of Pakistan. (c) Appointed incharge of Rehabilitatian for Refugees by Prime Minrster of Pakistan Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan at the Airport, City Railway Station, to look after their requirements of food, clothing and free transport, specially refugees who were lying on city station Karachi. They had come in a very serious condition from Narvol, Patiala and Bhartpur, where Muslin were butcherd by Hindues. (d) Hindues and Sikhs of Karachi got infatuated by the ower their co-religionists were enjoying in India. They disliked the coming of refugee Muslims into Karachi and started stabbing and assulting muslims in streets and areas where they were in majority. When the situation became unbearabie, muslims of Karachi had to retaliate for their own safety. Mr. A. M. Qureshi organised the defence of the Muslim population and on 11th September a clash took place between the two communities. As a result of this clash the Hindues started leaving Karachi for India and the Muslim refugees could be settled in the buildings and houses left by the Hindues. (In 1948) (a) Elected President of Karachi Provincial Muslim league for two years defeating Mohammud Haroon by 800 votes. (b) In the begining of 1948 Mr. Altaf Hussain Editor Daily Dawn English came to Mr. Qureshi for collection of funds (Rs. 200 each) for Maulana Shabbir Ahmad Usmani who was facing acute financial difficulties. Mr. Qureshi gave him Rs. 200 and asked the whereabouts of Maulana. He said that the Maulana was somewhere in jacoblines. The same evening Mr. A. M. Qureshi combed the whole area in search of Maulana and found him sick, lying on a thin mattress laid on the ground in a small house of Jacoblines Karachi. Mr. A. M. Qureshi spent three hours in persuading the Maulana and requested him to come and stay in his house. He brought him at his own residence and solved his financial difficulties and afterwards made arrangement of a special plane for bringing Maulana's family from India to Karachi Pakistan. (In 1949) (a) Mr. A. M. Qureshi presented a welcome address in a function of Muslim League to Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan and suggested imposition of Muhajir Tax on the people of Pakistan for Muhajir welfare. In his reply to the address, Mr. Liaquat AIi Khan accepted the suggestion and declared to levy the Muhajir Tax and he also praised educational, social and political services of Mr. A. M. Qureshi for Pakistan. (b) In a meeting of all Pakistan Muslim League Council, Mr. A. M. Qureshi elected unanimously Financial Secretary (Treasurer) of all Pakistan Muslim League for Five Years after Rajah Sahib Mahmoodabad who was treasurer of Muslim League in India had vacated his post. (c) A Member of the working committee of AIl Pakistan Muslim League for five years. (d) Maulana Shabbir Ahmad Usmani had gone to Bahawalpur where he suddenly died. The Chief Minister of Bahawalpur brought his dead body to Mr. Qureshi's residence Mr. A. M. Qrueshi burried the Maulana in the compound of Islamia College Complex and constructed a beautiful Mazar of Marble imported from Italy for this purpose. (e) Mr. A. M. Qureshi appointed on the same day Maulana yahya Son-in-Law af Maulana Usmani as Lecturer of Dinyat at a Salary of Rs. 900 per month and alloted to Maulana Shabbir Ahmad Usrmani's Begum, two residential houses in Muslim league Quarters. (f) Constructed 500 houses for the refugees known as Muslim League Quarters near First Chowrangi Nazimabad Karachi at a nominal cost of Rs. 3,250/= per quarter (even this smalI sum was not paid by so many of the refugees). (ln 1950) Again elected unanirnously as President Karachi Provincial Muslim League for three years. (In 1952) Became the Member of Parliamentary Board of Pakistan Muslim League to issue party tickets to NWFP Provincial Election under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Khawaja Nazimuddin. (In 1956) Elected as Member of the West Pakistan Legislative Party (MPA). (In 1957) Appointed Salar of Muslim League National Guard Karachi and also Naib-salar-e-ala of All Pakistan Muslim League and organised 7000 National Guards in Karachi only. (In 1960) Received a notice EBDO created by Martial Law of Ayub Khan, President of Pakistan against it and Martial Law Government of Ayub Khan was compelled to withdraw the case of Mr. A. M. Qureshi. There was no evidence available against him. It was the only case of its kind w'here an EBDO notice was withdrawn. Majority of politicians of Pakistan had withdrawn from politics, for 6 years. Only Suhrawardy and Gurmani fought against EBDO notices but they were disquaIified for six years from taking part in politics. (ln 1961) The President of Pakistan Field Marshal Mohammad Ayub Khan came to Islamia College Complex on 25.8.1961 to inaugurate the newly established Islamia Science and Law Colleges and praised the selfless services of Mr. A. M. Qureshi in educational field. (In 1962) Elected a Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan leading by 100 votes, from Karachi constituency No. 1 comprising of Liaquatabad, Nazimabad, Jamshed Quarters, PIB, PECHS, Drig Colony, landhi Colony, Malir Saudabad, Korangi, Airport, Ibrahim Haidry, Defeated ex-Justice Lari and 7 other opponents. (In 1965) Elected a Member of the Provincial Assembly of West Pakistan. (In 1966) Workers of Urdu Daily Anjam (which was owned and run by National Press Trust) went on hunger strike, Mr. A. M. Qureshi visited their camp and announced his full support for their cause. He provided financial assistance to the families of the poor Journalist workers, as a result of which he was arrested under DPR and was detained for 25 days in Karachi Jail.

(In 1969) The President of Pakistan convened a meeting of the Parliamentary mernbers of the Central and Provincial Assemblies at the President House Islamabad on 2nd March 1969. Mr. A. M. Qureshi moved the following resolution. RESOLUTlON MOVED BY MR. A. M. QURESHI, MPA AT THE MEETING OF PARLlAMENTARY PARTIES OF NATIONAL ASSEMBLIES AND WEST & EAST PAKISTAN ASSEMBLIES ON MARCH 2, 1969 (I) The country has now reached the most crucial period of its history when popular upsurge has brought to the fore the various problems which have been agitating the minds of the people. As the party in power it is the duty of Pakistan Muslim League to take cognizance of all such problems and take measures, without loss of time, to redress the grievances ex-pressed by the people in various spheres of life. This should be done at the ruling party's own initiative without waiting for the opposition parties' pressure at the RTC. Unless this is done, posterity will not pardon us for our failure to do our duty when we have both the cognizance of the problems and the power to slove them. Since student unrest was the root cause of the present upsurge, it is most imperative that acceptance of students' demands and educational reforms should be given top priority. It is, therefore, resolved that the following recomnendations may be implemented forthwith: (a) All the demands of the students should be accepted so that educationa! institutions may be re-opened and academic activities restored without delay. (b) Education upto the lower secondary standard should be made free and compulsory and upto secondary level it should be al least free, if not compulsory. (c) Private administrative control of colleges shouid be abolished and all colleges affiliated to the universities should be taken over by the Government. This is essential to check the mushroom growth of third-rate educational institutions in the country. (II) Further resolved that in order to ensure and encourage healthy growth of free press for the reservation and development of parliamentary democracy, the Press and Publication Ordinance should be repealed. Also resolved that ownership of all newspapers and news agencies should vest in the journalists and working other press workers. As a f irst step to the implementation of this policy, the ownership of aII National Press Trust newspapers and Government-owned Associated Press of Pakistan should be immediately transferred to Workers' Co-operatives. (III) Resolved that a high powered Tribunal consisting of at least three judges of the High Court or Supreme Court be set up to investigate official and political corruption and unearth and conf iscate the wealth acuired through such corruption and bribery and to punish the culprits. Local committees should be set up to assist the TribunaI and produce necessary evidence to substantiate the charges against the corrupt officials and politicians. (IV) Resolved that with a view to endin the exploitation of the common man through cartels, all banks and insurance companies should be nationalized and industrialists debarred from becoming members of state-backed financing institutions such as PICIC, ADBP, ICP and NIT etc. (V) Resolved that generous compensation may be given to victims of recent disturbances and police firings in varous parts of the country. Mr. Qureshi had moved the above resolutions as he had perceived the corsequences of ignoring the just aspirations of the people of Pakistan. The resolutions, though carried unanimously, were not implemented. Had President Field Marshal Mohamrnad Ayub Khan accepted the advice of Mr. Qureshi at an early date, he would not have to go from the political scene of the country on 25th March, 1967. On March 25, Gen. Yahya Khan imposed Martial Law again in the country. Mr. Bhutto indirectly instigated some misguded teachers of the institutions of Islamic Education Society against Mr. A. M . Qureshi. Mr. Qureshi was arrested on 25th May and jailed for 9 months plus a fine of Rs. 5 lacs. He was sent to Mianwali Jail from Karachi and subsequently transferred to Lahore Jail, where he was operated upon his Kidney by Dr. Sardar Ali Shaikh. All the Educational institutions of the Islamic Education Society were taken over by the Government during the period Mr. Qureshi was in Jail. In 1970 (a) Released from Lahore Jail due to the death of his wife. (b) All the Educational institutions were given back to Mr. A. M. Qureshi on 28.12.1970 as they could not be run properly and efficiently by the Government nominated Board. In 1971 (a) In January Bhotto met Mr. A. M. Qureshi at Hotel Fllaties Lahore and requested him to join Pakistan Peoples Party which he refused. (b) On 16th October 1971after the Fateha khwani on the Mazar of Shaheed-eMillat Liaquat Ali Khan, Mr. A. M. Qureshi was again arrested. The order was "You are detained till further orders". In 1972 A riot took place in Karachi Jail on 7th January. The Jail was broken open and about 250 prisoners escaped from the JaiI custody The riot was surpressed with great difficulty and the police had to resort to heavy tear-gasing. Mr. A. M. Qureshi became unconscious and had to be removed to the Civil Hospital. His condition did not improve and after a couple of months, he was operated upon by Surgeon Naseer Shaikh, who was a right hand man of Bhutto. As a result of this operation the vocal cords of Mr. A. M. Qureshi were damaged and a tube had to be inserted for breathing. The opening for the insertion of the tube was made at a wrong point. Mr. A. M.Qureshi had to undergo great suffering due to respiratory trouble. He was unable to speak for months together. After 1972 he was practicaliy bed ridden and unable to perform his normal work. His condition at this stage became so precarious that in August 1972, he had to be admitted to the Civil Hospital. Surgeon Naseer Shaikh, who again opened his throat in co-operation with Dr. Jalisi. Again on 4th June 1973, he suffered from breathing trouble and went to AI-Hilal Hospital. After 27 days stay at AI-Hilal Hospital he was removed to Civil Hospital. on 17th March 1973 he went to Hyderabad for treatment where Dr. Jafri put the tube at its proper place. Upto 1974,Mr. Qureshi was unable to breath through his mouth or nose, and he could utter one or two words with great effort. In 1975 (a) The Home Secretary Sind, Mohamed Khan Junejo approached Mr. Qureshi with a proposal from Mr. Bhutto to make him Governor Sind on the retirement of Begum Liaquat Ali Khan, but he did not accept this offer. (b) In June 1975, Mr. A. M. Qureshi proceeded to New York, Bostan, and Victoria Royal Hospital Monterial for further treatment. In 1977 On 13th 0ctober 1977, Dr. F. D. Herrisan, M. D. M. S. FRCS, professar of Laryngology & Otology London sent him a letter advising him to contact Dr. Bryce af Toronto, who is a world authority on Tracheal Ttenosis for further treatment. In 1978, He sent his record to Dr. Bryce, who after the examinatian of the past medical reports, record and further correspondence advised him to come to Toronto in August 1978. He has held out hope that Operation will be a sure success. IN 1989, Late MR. A. M. QURESHI LEFT US. WE PRAY FOR HIM MAY ALLAH BLESS HIS SOUL. (AMEN) NOW, HIS MISSION IS IN THE HAND OF HIS GRANDSON SYED KAMRAN HUSSAIN (G.S) Islamic Education Trust (Regd) In 1958. WE PRAY FOR HIS GRANDSON INKALAB, MAY ALLAH BLESS HIM. AMEN.

For Twenty Five years he devoted his Iife for the cause of Education. The following distinguished eminant Dignitaries of Pakistan and from all over the world who visited all over the world who visited his Educational Institutions passed the following rernarks rn appreciation of his efforts. The Dignitaries Speak ... A PATRIOT lN TRUE SENSE Says the President of Pakistan,When someone toId me that Mr. Qureshi had a great zeal and enthusiasm for serving this nation and perticularly the children of the nation, I said to semeone if I happen to be in Karachi, or if Mr. Qureshi happens to come to Murree (as I was in Murree at that time), I would be glad to have an opportunity of talking to him. So, he met me. His spirit of sacrifice, his honesty of purpose and his atriotism made a very deep impression on my heart. Then today when, I saw that this man has done such a great thing for the children of the nation with his own hard-earned money, I was convinced that he is a patriot in the true sense of the word. I pray to God that more men Iike him be born in our country. And I am sure that, God willing, they wilI be born. (Extract from a speech delivered by Field Marshal Mohammad Ayub Khan President of Pakistan, at Islamia College, Karachi. on 25 August 1961) I have been greatly pleased with my visit to the CoIlege. I feel very gratefuI for and have been deeply touched by the welcome that has been extended to me. I feel I must I must have tried the patience of the audience by the length of my discourse, yet I was Iistened to thraughout with courteous attentian I carry with me a very happy memory of my visit. (Sd: Zafarullah Khan, Member of International Court of Justice, The Hague, Holland in 1965) It has been a great pleasure to participate in the ceremony related to award for 1960. I was particularly happy that the event took place an the site af the magnificient new Campus reflecting not present accornplishment but a forecast of great institutian which the College will make in the future tawards the education af Pakistan youth. AII good wishes in the undertaking. (Sd: William M. Rountree, Ambassador, U.S.A., in Pakistan. in 1960 We of the U.S. are happy that we can assist in a small way tawards this grand project, conceived and shaped by Mr. A. M. Qureshi. (Sd: James S. Killen, Director I.C.A. in 1961 To those interested in education the effects of the Islamia College to improve the facilities available to students is a heartening experience. Wish them in their work and hope that in the years ahead the CoIlege and its associated SchooIs wiII grow in strength and quaIity. (Sd: Dr. Robert J. Kibee, Advisor University of Chicago, Pakistan Education Project in 1964) It was a real pleasure to participate in this series of Extension Lectures. The administrative officers are to be gratulated for this excellent programme. It is extermely important, to relate education to the life of the Community and its Nation for this reason this type of Programme is very important, Again congratulations. (Sd: Loyd E. Grimes, Chief Education Division I.C.A ) An unscheduled calI this morning took me by surprise at the immensity of this new philanthropic project for education in Pakistan. I shall watch with the greatest interest the growth of the new coIlege and much hope that it wiII be possible for me to flew into it thorough cooperative effort of the Colombo Plan. (Sd: J.K. Thomson, Director Colombo Plan Breau, Colombo Ceylon) .

I was happy to see such a fine example of personal effort. This is ultimately the only remedy for Pakistan's Salvation. I wish your programme every success and will do my small best to see that some assistance is given to this Project. (Sd: M.F. Hawkins, Consultant Technical Education Government of West Pakistan) I can hardly express my admiration for the magnificient efforts which Mr. Qureshi has made towards the betterment of the chiIdren and students of Karachi. His noble efforts deserve and merit the fullest support and encouragement. (Sd: Col. I. C. Edwards, Director British Information Services) On my visit to the Islamia College this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see the tremendous efforts that has gone into the building up of this growing and progressive educational institution, a living monument to the tremendous zeal for education, generated by nature in the mind of a person who himself had not received formal education. May God bless the founder for his noble missionary work in the field of educating the younger generation of Pakistan. I wish him and the Islamia College all success in the field of education. (Sd: N. M. Uquaili, Central Finance Minister, Governrnent of Pakistan) Mr. A. M. Qureshi shouId be congratulated for his endeavour to further the cause af education by running a number of educational institutes in Karachi. The Society he said, set up an example for others of what voluntary contribution can do in establishing institutes on this magnificient scale. (Sd: Habib ur Rehman, Minister for Education, Government of Pakistan in 1962) Pointing out that the universities have laid down rules of affiliation requiring minimum standards for accommodation, equipment, teaching staff, etc. he hoped that the Islamia College was not only for maintaining these standards but wouId be able to achieve even higher standards.. . (Sd: Akhtar Hussain, Minister for Education and Scientific Research, Govt. of Pakistan in 1964) It is a monumental task that Mr. Qureshi has accomplished. May God give him long Iife and may God further strengthen his resolve to serve the nation in the constructive manner in which he is serving the nation. This is a great institution and has a great future in front of it. (Sd: Manzoor Qadir, Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan, in 1966) I visited the Islamia College today alongwith its Founder Mr. A. M. Qureshi. I found enthusiastic students with dedicated staff. The College is the biggest institution in the Province and is entirely run on private efforts. It is all due to the untiring personality of Mr. Qureshi who has set an example for others. I wish a bright future for this great college. (Sd: Mohammad Ali Khan, Minister of Education and Auqaf, Govt. of West Pakistan) Islarnia CoIlege is certainly an institution of which Karachi can well be proud. The credit, of course, goes to Mr. A. M. Qureshi and aII those who supported him in this noble cause. In this transitory and ephemerel world many human interests, which engage human mind, perish soon and are forgotten with the passage of time. This is however a work which is of lasting nature. (Sd: Syed Darbar Ali Shah, Commissoner of Karachi) This Iibrary the neurologic point of a cultural and scientificaI institution is certainly prepared to fuIfiI the uItimate aims of Islamia CoIlege. (Sd: Miecheal Joseph Corbett, Charge d'affairs, Brazil Embassy) Mr. A. M. Qureshi is the embodiment of the qualities of Shakespear's Natural man. Mr. A. M. Qureshi simply start when he takes up a job. He does not think of the difficulties of the way, and is unmindful of the distance of the destinan. All that he has achieved by the help of God is not the result of any kind of planning. This has made him so dependable on God that he takes hirnself to be the instrument of the unlimited of powers nature. (Sd: Dr. Ahsan Farooqi, Eminent writer and critic)


PRIVATE LIFE AND BUSINESS Mr. A. M. Qureshi was born in Rajkot, Kathiawar, India in 1918, in a very poor family and he was not regularly educated. He had ambitions of imparting education to others. In 1930 he went to Burma on salary of Rs. 30.00 per month. In 1938 he worked in Karachi as a labourer on daily wages of 10 annas. In 1939 he purchase a second-hand truck for transport business. In 1940 he had six trucks and took contract from Dalmia Cement Factory to provide transport from the factory to west Wharf. In 1942 he got a contract from the American Army to supply hire transport and labour for their work at Karachi and Calcutta. In 1944 in Karachi he took a contract from British army for the suppIy of 500 camel carts and 100 trucks on daily hire. In 1944 he started public transport loading service and passanger Bus service from Karachi to Hyderabad, Hyderabad to Mirpurkhas and also Karachi to Sukkur,and also in Karachi city and generally in the entire Province of Sind and was the Managing Director of Qureshi Transport Company for the above transportation work. In 1947 he became the Director of Daily DAWN English Newspaper (Karachi) and Proprietor of Gujrati Pakistan Samachar and the Editor of 'Views Post' English weekly, Karachi. In 1948 started wholesale motor spare parts business in Karachi. In 1949 also established three Petrol Pumps . In 1951 established Qurashi Salt and Chemical Works Ltd. at Dhabejhi as Manag ing Director producing 10,00,000 tons of salt per year. In 1962 established Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation i.e. Consultant and Engineering Comany for construction works. Throughout the long span of his life, he was never found indulging in any kind of activity contrary to morality. For instance, he never took intoxicants, never entered a picture hall for enjoyment of pictures and never joined any club or Gym Khana.
WE THE FOLLOWING HEADS OF lNSTITUTIONS RUN BY THE ISLAMIC EDUCATION SOCIETY FEEL HONOURED TO PRESENT THE SHORT LIFE SKETCH OF THE ACTIVITIES AND ACHIEVEMENTS OF MR. A. M. QURESHI. FOUNDER ISLAMIA COLLEGE, OTHER SEVENTEEN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS: 1. PROF. S.A. ZEBA, M.A. LL.B. (AIig.) Principal, Islamia Commerce College. 2. PROF. G. M. KHAN, M.A. Principal, Islamia Arts CoIlege. 3. RETD. JUSTICE M.B. MEMON, M.A. LL.B. Principal, Islamia law College. 4. MRS. AKHTAR MUMTAZ M. A. B. Ed. Principal, Islamia Women's College. 5. DR. FARUQI, Ph.D. Principal, Islamia Science College. 6. MISS ZIA BANO SHAFIQ, M.A.Principle, Islamia inter College for women, Nazimabad 7. PROF SHAH FARIDUL HAQ, M.A. Head, Islamia Arts Evening College New Building. 8. PROF. SHAHID USMANI, M.A. Head, Islamia Arts Evening College Clayton Road. 9. PROF. MUBIN AHMAD, M.A. B.T. Head Islamia College, (Evening) Nazimabad. 10.Dr. AMIR HASAN SIDDIQUI, M.A. Ph.D. Institute of (International Languages and M. A. Classes. 11.PROF. MANSOOR KHAN, M.A. Head, Islamia Evening College, Saddar. 12.M. S. REHMAN, M.A. B.T. Principal Marie Colaco School, Saddar. 13.MISS HAQQANI, B.A. B.T. Head Mistress. Q. H, School (Secondary) (Girls' Section). 14.MRS IRANI, TRAINED MONTESSORY, Marie Colaco Primary and Nursery. 15 MRS. A. N. C00PER, M.A. B:T. Head Mistress, Primary and Nursery, Q. H. School. 16.MRS. REHANA SAEED, M.A. B .T. Head Mistress, Marie Colaco School Secondary Section,Nazimabad. 17.MRS. PEARL KHAN, MONTESSORY TRAINED, Head Mistress, Marie Colaco School Primary Section (Afternoon Shift) Nazimabad. 18.MRS. ZAHIDA ISHAQ, M.A. B.T. Head Mistress, Marie Colaco School, Primary Section, (Morning Shift, Nazimabad). ALSO We, the Heads, Teachers and Students of Islamia College Complex and the other Seventeen Institutions have praised and written so many articles in Colleges and Schools magazines, Founder's Day Souvenirs and Sports Magazines every year for Mr. A. M. Qureshi's hard work, honesty, educational, social and political services from 1942 to 1969. Since 1969 he is seriously ill. IN 1989, MR. A. M. QURESHI LEFT US. WE PRAY FOR HIM MAY ALLAH BLESS HIS SOUL. (AMEN) NOW, HIS MISSION IS IN THE HAND OF HIS GRANDSON SYED KAMRAN HUSSAIN AL-HUSSAINI. WE PRAY FOR HIS GRANDSON WHO IS (G.S) ISLAMIC EDUCATION TRUST (REGD.) IN 1958 , MAY ALLAH BLESS HIM. AMEN.